Jesus tells the story about the rich man and Lazarus in today’s Gospel. Lazarus, covered with sores and hungry, sits outside the rich man’s house and there is no response to his condition from the rich man. Both die, but the rich man ends up in a place of torment while Lazarus is taken to the bosom of Abraham. I remember when I was in a choir in public school, we sang: “Poor man, Lazarus, sick and disabled. Put your finger in the water and come and cool my tongue, for I am tormented in the flames.” This was and is a great song about our concern for one another and the reminder to put our faith into action. Sometimes, a simple, kind action can mean much to someone. We Christians have always been people who see what needs to be done and then make it happen.

The celebration of our 175th Anniversary concludes this Friday, October 4, with Cardinal Dolan as the Principal Celebrant of the 5:30 PM Mass. The Friars will join the Cardinal and concelebrate this Mass of thanksgiving. If you haven’t yet purchased our Commemorative Anniversary Book, it is available at the reception desk for $20. It is a great book, filled with pictures of the seasons of St. Francis, the ministries here, and greetings from many people, businesses and other Franciscan ministry sites. I want to thank Fr. Timothy, Joe Nuzzi, Loida de Jesus, Keith Kemp, Meredith Augustin, and Ed Trochimczuk who have worked hard planning the Gala, the Anniversary Book and the Feastday Mass. Well done!

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.