Join us for the Vigil of Pentecost
Saturday, June 4th at 4 PM

What is the Vigil of Pentecost?

We all know Christmas has its popular Midnight Mass and of course we all know about the Easter Vigil.  Pentecost also has an important and celebratory vigil Mass in preparation for the feast.  The presence of a special vigil Mass underscores the importance of the mystery being celebrated.

Pentecost celebrates the crowning event of God’s salvation which came about in Christ.  At the Lord’s resurrection God sent his own Spirit upon the disciples to form them into the Body of Christ. The Church was born and through this Spirit filled community God offered a way to repair humanity’s sad and ruinous divisions.

The Spirit does not force uniformity upon those who follow Christ, instead the Spirit enables us in our great diversity to love one another and see one another as brothers and sisters.  The Spirit forms unity out of love and peace, not compulsion and force.  At the first Pentecost those who heard the disciples speaking already experienced this when they each heard the Gospel being preached in their own language.

At the Church of St. Francis of Assisi we are blessed to see the unity of the Church in her great diversity right here in our community.  People from all over the world, people of different races, people who speak different languages, people who are straight or gay, people who are old or young all find a home here.

Join us at this special liturgy to celebrate the gift of God’s spirit!

You can also watch the Liturgy live at St-Francis-Live.