This is our season of prayerful hope and our time of remembering.

Yet, the pandemic is very much with us. Our solemn recall of Jesus’ birth during this time invites us to remember our sisters and brothers whose lives are touched by COVID-19.

For Christmas this year, we will add doves to our Christmas trees. Each dove is a symbol of our prayer, our hope, and our remembering.

We would like each dove to bear the name of a person who has died from the virus, those struggling with the virus, medical personnel, and essential workers. We will include one dove in each group for those who have no one to remember them.

We invite you to send names that you would like included on our tree this year. (We only have 150 doves.) The dove is a sign of peace.

Please submit names by December 21st.

May the peace Christ, whose birth we recall, be with you.

Fr. Tom, ofm